Dear members of IAPS, the next AGM is approaching and the host for ICPS 2022 will be decided there. If you want to make a bid for hosting ICPS 2022, you can find information on how to do it from our bidding guide here: http://creyr.ioannablogs.com/icps/bids-for-icps/


The IAPS Executive Committee is addressing a longstanding history of systemic disparities and institutional racism within academia and stands in solidarity with the global movement demanding justice for Black communities. The full statement can be found from here:



IAPS Annual General Meeting, hereby AGM, is going to be hosted online by the IAPS Executive Committee on Saturday August the 22th 2020 at 01:00 PM UTC. We expect to hold the meeting using Jitsi, like it was done in this Spring’s Extraordinary General Meeting. Details will be fixed and sent along the final agenda later.

The National Committee representatives will have 7 votes, and the Local Committee representatives will have 2 votes. All of the individual members from one country have 1 vote between them. All member committees are to send details of their representatives with delegated voting rights, maximum of 2 persons, to the Executive Committee prior the meeting. Please also note it is your right as a member of IAPS to propose topics to be discussed in the meeting 4 weeks prior to the AGM. Other topics may also be discussed during the meeting under the other topics point but these discussions cannot be used to make formal decisions.

Please find below the provisional AGM agenda.

  1. Election of the Chair, Secretary, and Tellers
  2. Membership
    1. Voting Rights
    2. New Members
    3. Expulsions
    4. Quorum
  3. ssr免费账号6小时更新 - 好看123:2021-6-15 · 好看123目录(原好看123网址之家)建立于2021年,由于网络世界的日新月异所以既2021年起进行改版,改版新站继承导航,目录等主要讯息,并增加网站网址内页,标签页并全站分类,致力为IT界 品牌网站站点,权威网站站点进行导航 及 为中小网站提供优质锚文本,外链,图片链接等网站资源。
  4. Auditors reports and accounts of the 2018/2019 Executive Committee
  5. 长期免费更新ssr节点
  6. Election of IAPS Alumni Representative
  7. Election of IAPS Archivist
  8. 2019/20 Executive Committee Report
  9. 《苹果故事:乔布斯的简洁之道》txt+pdf免费电子书百度网 ...:2021-11-5 · 网站分享代码 书名: 苹果故事:乔布斯的简洁之道 作者: 肯·西格尔(Ken Segall) 时间: 2021-07 出版: 中国人民大学出版社 豆瓣: 7.3 分/18人评 ISBN: 9787300242835 ...
  10. Discussion and vote on any proposed modifications of the Charter
  11. Discussion and vote on any proposed modifications of the Regulations
  12. IAPS Code of Conduct
  13. IAPS Privacy Policy Update
  14. IAPS Reimbursement Guide
  15. 2020/2021 budget
    1. Membership fees
    2. 2020/2021 budget
  16. 2020 IAPS School Day Topic
  17. iaps2CERN
    1. 永久免费ss节点二维码
    1. Status of 2020 PLANCKS
    2. Possible decisions regarding the holding of 2020 PLANCKS
    3. Election of the host for the 2022 PLANCKS
  19. ICPS
    1. Final Report for 2019 ICPS
    2. Report for current status of 2020 ICPS
    3. Possible decisions regarding the holding of 2020 ICPS
    4. 免费推荐分享SS/SSR节点帐号_重庆seo博客:2021-12-11 · 免费推荐分享SS/SSR节点 帐号 重庆seo 2021-12-11 【快讯】 人已围观 简介SS/SSR是目前流行的科学访问方式,使用多种加密方式进行端到端加密,来加密数据传输的一种工具,网速更快、更省电,无需始终保持连接,拥有更好使用稳定性 ...
  20. Election of Executive Committee members
  21. Other points of interest
    1. IUPAP relations
    2. Quarterly delegate day

IAPS Extra-ordinary General Meeting, 29th of March, 2020


The Executive Committee has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held on

29th of March at 3 PM (UTC+1). The meeting will be held remotely.
The agenda mainly circles around the selection of the IT Manager for the Executive Committee of IAPS for rest of the year as the previous one, Veli-Jussi, stepped down previously to give space to a new IT Manager with having little spare time anymore after securing his spot on a new research position. With regretting losing Veli-Jussi after 2½ years of excellent service, the EC congratulated him on his accomplishment. Besides selecting a new EC member this financial year’s budget is also to be discussed.
The Extraordinary General Meeting 2020 Spring agenda is as follows: 

  1. Election of Chair, Secretary, and Tellers
  2. Checking quorum
  3. General announcements
  4. IAPS 2019/2020 financial year budget discussion
  5. Selection of the new IAPS EC IT Manager
  6. Other points of interest

ICPS 2020 – Second round registrations call

Registrations for the International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) 2020 in Puebla have opened a second round which is open until February 29th!

If you missed the first round in December, you have an opportunity to sign up for this awesome conference in Puebla, Mexico, where Science, Culture and social activities with hundreds of your fellow Physics students will make for a week of fun, learning and establishing contacts and friendships across the world!

Check out all the ICPS 2020 information here and register through the Member Network!

Remember to follow ICPS 2020 on Facebook and Instagram!

jIAPS Article Contest – Call for applications

Along with the Worldwide Grant, there is another opportunity for attending the ICPS for free while developing your scientific work skills: the jIAPS Article Contest.

The contest is a great opportunity to write about any Physics-related topic you like and have your article published in jIAPS, the IAPS journal!

To apply for the contest, send your article to jiaps@iaps.info and grants@iaps.info.

You can apply until 23:59 GMT, 16th of February, so start writing as soon as possible!


ICPS 2020 registration has opened and, with them, so is a big opportunity for students that may want or need IAPS support in attending ICPS in Puebla: the ICPS Worldwide Grant!

By preparing a student lecture to be presented during the conference, applicants to the Worldwide Grant will have a chance to have the conference fee plus a considerable fraction of travel costs covered by IAPS!

This grant serves the purpose of rewarding students with a good academic record, history of participation in a Physics society and adequate lecturing skills, with priority given to those with financial hardship.

To apply to go to ICPS 2020 through this opportunity, you must prepare and send an email to grants@iaps.info with a preliminary abstract of your student lecture, a letter of motivation, your CV and remaining documents specified in the Worldwide Grant webpage.

Applications are open until February 14th, so start preparing yours now if you plan on sending one!

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The journal of IAPS, jIAPS, is the annual publication of the International Association of Physics Students, containing scientific articles, IAPS event reports and news from our members!
The journal, and all its promotion, is run and organised by an editor, and that person could be you!
The Call for the jIAPS 2020 Editor is now open! If you are interested in working and developing this publication, you have until the 17th of December to send to pr@iaps.info your CV, a letter of motivation and any statement about your ideas, projects and vision for jIAPS you may have!
Find out more here!

Call for volunteers!

最新免费可用的ssr节点 | Phpvar's Blog:2021-2-7 · 需在梯子或者SSR的帮助下打开,页面中“免费S账号”即免费的ssr节点列表,可点击右侧二维码图标,打开二维码弹层,右键复制下方的“URI”链接,然后在shawdowsockR任务栏图标右键,剪贴板批量导入ssr链接,以导入刚复制的ssr免费节点服务器

Multiple opportunities are open and you do not want to miss this chance! Volunteering and gathering experience in student associations is very recommended, it may even help you when you apply to your first job! You can be an enthusiastic beginner, an experienced pro in organisation duties or anything in between. What is important is to have an open mind, good work ethics, the will to help and learn by doing.

This year, there are opportunities in several fields, reaching from 免费节点每天更新v2ray and PR to Advocacy! Find out more 永久免费ss节点二维码. And do not miss this chance to become a volunteer!

IAPS 2019 Annual General Meeting statement on climate change

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of IAPS, held on August 13th, passed, with approximately 90% of favorable votes, a resolution to endorse the IAPS 2018/2019 Executive Committee statement on climate change and the Student Strike for Climate with the addition of explicit support for the Student Strike for Climate and the Fridays for Future initiatives and students’ participation in them.

As the statement highlights, climate change is an issue that must involve worldwide efforts to take the necessary action to stop the upwards trajectory of the increase in average global temperature that will likely have disastrous effects in societies across the goble.

This is an issue that knows no geographic limits, so we must act upon it accordingly and do what we can as Physics students to call public decision-makers to action, including through the international student strikes that have involved millions of young students.

IAPS, therefore, joins the thousands of scientists, researchers and academics of Scientists for Future that have declared their support for the Student Strike for Climate and the Fridays for Future initiative.

Read through the statement below!